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Our primary focus for 2015-16 is two fold. After almost 10 years, the nanotechnology safety effort is starting to mature. Later this year there will be a certification program available. There are courses available, and more than one book will be published for the educational community. The Linked-In Nano-Education Group has significantly increased in membership with a number of interesting topics discussed.


The second focus is nanoelectronic systems. While the semiconductor industry has features that are in the sub 100 nm size range, the development of actual devices that are in even the tens of micrometers is something that is not possible with current manufacturing technologies. We are working to address the capabilities and requirements for devices that will be very much smaller than a millimeter and eventually move into the single digit micrometer size.

There are two efforts that are still ongoing but with reduced emphasis during the coming year. The effort to develop technical e-books is under development. There are a variety of technologies available, but matching the capabilities with the desired delivery system is challenging. As always, we are working with early stage companies. The emphasis is on appropriately developing a viable long term plan for these companies. Since they are at an early stage, no references to them can be published.

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