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One focus of the Trybula Foundation, Inc., a Texas for-profit corporation, is working with organizations in evaluating hi-tech and emerging technologies to determine the potential for successful inclusion in the organization's strategic direction. With experience that ranges from startups to Fortune top 10 corporations, the Foundation's business acumen can help meld the two worlds of business and technology to provide guidance to ensure successful programs.


Emerging Technologies/Novel Technologies

Emerging technologies and existing Hi-Tech applications in a wide variety of applications will require some direction to achieve mainstream manufacturing. Our background in guiding volume production development has proven invaluable in selecting long term volume processes.


In addition to our long time efforts in semiconductors,our work in energy and certain med-bio applications has led to the need for complete electronic systems that are only microns in size. The ability to create them is beyond current technology, but the common denominator is the application of nanotechnology into providing novel functionality.



We are continuing the efforts to bring a systematic approach to nanotechnology safety. The current interest by industry has been training in the safe handling of nanomaterials. We anticipate that a nanotechnology safety certification program, currently in development, will be available by Fall 2015.


The development effort of a new type of e-book has been delayed due to more pressing efforts in nano-safety. The planned multi-level e-book approach with internal level feedback is focused on the upcoming generation of people who are almost completely electronic-based information absorbers.




Our work with "start-ups" is strictly on a pro-bono basis. Typically, we will work with from two to four companies at any given time. Our focus in on the development and insertion of technology, business and marketing plans, and job creation. We do not accept unsolicited business plans or proposals. Contact us with a general idea of your efforts. If we work together, a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will need to be completed before we review any material.


Economic Analysis

Over the last 20 years, our efforts have included evaluation of the economic impact of technology on existing industry cost structures. We have also generated reports on the economic impact of technology has been instrumental in providing an overview of the significant impact that can be made by properly focused emerging technology companies.


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    A nanotechnology overview presented to the University of Texas at Austin LAMP program..

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    National Science and Engineering Education Web Site - Texas State University Focus

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  • Nano-Safety

    A 2007 White Paper on the need for a systematic approach to all aspects of nanotechnology....

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