Trybula Foundation, Inc.

Assessing Technology, Assisting Businesses

Business Focus

The business focus of the Foundation is on enabling organizations to evaluate potential technologies and make informed judgements about the viability of pursuing specific strategies.

The Foundation exists in the challenging world where technology promise meets business reality. The need for businesses to innovate, to improve efficiencies, to respond to global challenges, to become agile, and to focus on growth are all part of the changing competitive climate. One of the "suggested" means is to employ the latest technologies to improve product offerings. The business question is how?

Technology, especially from the technologist's point of view, is sufficient to embrace on its own merit. The implications of the technology impact on the business are not prime considerations; rather it is the "neat" aspects of the technology. As technologists, the Foundation understands this technology craving, but the Foundation also understands the business needs.

The successful application of technology to business requires an understanding of both the technology and the business implications. The Foundation brings the experience to answer the business question of "How?" and the ability to evaluate the promise of the technology.

The Foundation brings the ability to evaluate situations, guide selections, and develop sustainable solutions. The Foundation focuses on the business implications of emerging technology, with specific emphasis on nano technology, MEMS/NEMS, and semiconductors. The survival of companies requires accurate assessments of options and strategies to incorporate the correct choice into the business.