Trybula Foundation, Inc.

Assessing Technology, Assisting Businesses

Trybula Foundation Information

Tthe Trybula Foundation, Inc., is a Texas for-profit corporation founded in 1999. The Trybula Foundation thrives in the challenging world of both technology and business. The need for businesses to innovate, to improve efficiencies, to respond to global challenges, to become agile, and to focus on growth are all part of the changing competitive climate.  Couple those facts with the uncertainty of developing new technology and inserting it into a successful business without negatively impacting existing clientele or dimishing current product sales is non-trivial.  We have been there and been successful.  The Trybula Foundation works with other specialized, small organizations to complement our existing skills with the additional skills required for certain projects. 

The Trybula Foundation is working with organizations in evaluating hi-tech and emerging technologies to determine the potential for successful inclusion in the organization's strategic direction. With experience that ranges from startups to Fortune top 10 corporations, the Foundation's business acumen can help meld the two worlds of business and technology to provide guidance to ensure successful programs.

Emerging Technologies/Novel Technologies

Emerging technologies and existing Hi-Tech applications in a wide variety of applications will require some direction to achieve mainstream manufacturing. Our background in guiding volume production development has proven invaluable in selecting long term volume processes.  We have been involved in initial planning and implementation of high-tech electronics manufacturing lines.  This experience ranges from implementation of thick and thin film products through guidance of customized semiconductors.

Emerging Manufacturing Technologies

Our efforts over the last ten years in micro-sized sensor systems for the Oil & Gas industry along with Geothermal efforts demonstrated a need for a moderate volume process that can produce operation sensors systems with complete package sizes under ¼ inch (roughly 6mm).  Certain med-bio systems require similar size constraints.  The ability to create them is beyond current technology, but the common denominator is the application of nanotechnology into providing novel functionality.  We have been promoting a concept that can solve this problem.  Presentations have been made both in person and through an IEEE Webinar (October 2016).


We are continuing the efforts to bring a systematic approach to nanotechnology safety. The current interest by industry has been training in the safe handling of nanomaterials. Both introductory and advanced courses are available through Texas State University.  (This work was recognized by an award for Ethics in Engineering.)  We are part of the team that developed a Graduate-level book on Nano-Safety. 


Our work with "start-ups" is strictly on a pro-bono basis. Typically, we will work with from two to four companies at any given time. Our focus is on the development and insertion of technology, business and marketing plans, and job creation. We do not accept unsolicited business plans or proposals. Contact us with a general idea of your efforts. If we work together, a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will need to be completed before we review any material.  In our efforts, we have reviewed over 80 company proposals and closely worked with those that have both good ideas and a solid business vision.
The critical issue in working with emerging companies is that the principals must be intimately involved in the creation of the business plan and its marketing direction.  Without the principals’ ownership of the direction of the company, any plan has very little probability of succeeding.  We work with the principals to help them create their future.

Economic Analysis

Over the last 25 years, our efforts have included evaluation of the economic impact of technology on existing industry cost structures. We have also generated reports on the economic impact of technology on cities and surrounding areas.  We have also provided evaluations of properly focused emerging technology on companies looking to expand.