One focus of the Trybula Foundation, Inc., a Texas for-profit corporation, is working with organizations in evaluating hi-tech and emerging technologies to determine the potential for successful inclusion in the organization's strategic direction. With experience that ranges from startups to major corporations, the Foundation's business acumen can help meld the two worlds of business and technology to provide guidance to ensure successful programs.

Our work with "start-ups" is strictly on a pro-bono basis. Typically, we will work with from two to four companies at any given time. Our focus in on the development and insertion of technology, business and marketing plans, and job creation. We do not accept unsolicited business plans or proposals.

About Us

The Trybula Foundation thrives in the challenging world of both technology and business. The need for businesses to innovate, to improve efficiencies, to respond to global challenges, to become agile, and to focus on growth are all part of the changing competitive climate..

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  • Quick reaction analysis.
  • Program reviews.
  • Advisory efforts.
  • Program direction.
  • Technology evaluation.

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Current Focus

  • Nanotechnology
  • Energy
  • Nano-Safety
  • Emerging Tech
  • Nanotech Education

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Considering a move in nanotechnology might cause one to have a myriad of concerns about the possible risk of using nanomaterials/chemicals. One needs to remember the following quote:

While there is no such thing as a safe chemical, it must be realized there is no chemical that cannot be used safely by limiting the dose or exposure. Poisons can be safely used and be of benefit to society when used appropriately.

--Royal Society of Chemistry

Items of Interest

  • July 25-28, 2017

    IEEE Nano 2017 Conference, Pittsburgh, PA USA. Sessions on Nanotechnology and the Environment

    Link to Conference»

  • SANTF meetings and annual conference

    San Antonio Nano Technology Forum November 2016

    SANTF site

  • Planned Nano Tech events

    A Nano Technology Safety Certification program is coming in Spring 2017.


Contact Us

Name: Walt Trybula, Ph.D.

Phone: +1.512.695.4026

E-mail: info@tryb.org

Fax: +1.512.282.8648